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Trimiterea mesajelor prin formularul web este gratuita, la fel si inregistrarea si creearea unui profil. Doar trimiterea de sms-uri de pe telefonul tau mobil creeaza costuri: 2euro+tva/sms trimis la 1540. Toate mesajele de contact primite pe telefonul tau mobil sunt gratuite.


Despre mine

For you to find out ;-)


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Ce caut

Just looking for new friends and who knows? Maybe more ;-) But I am NOT looking for
wifes and the like. ;-) Note to "models" here: yes, I can host you. Yes, I can bring
you around and have fun. However: * be able to speak words and this includes any chat
we might be involved into. This is supposed to be funny... * I AM FUNNY. Try to be
funny and friendly. I know it's hard but do your best. I know this might no be a
requirement when meeting some old 60er who's waiting for last nail in his coffin but I'm
not like that. Again, this is supposed to be funny. * remember that we will probably
have 22 hours left in a day: try to be funny and be able to hold conversation. I hate when
someone makes me wish it's tomorrow already. * I don't care who you are and who you've
been with. I don't care what you do. If you're funny (beside being beautiful) we can have
fun. Otherwise, you can keep your panties up. Hey, I am friendly, am I not? ;-)

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